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21 July 2017

Last week Jon Oakley, Property Sales Executive and Tuscany expert at Select Resorts Properties, travelled to Italy to view our latest development – Giardini di Borgo 69.  Whilst there, he was able to visit the construction site, walk to the nearby village to meet the locals and view previous projects from the developer.  Follow his journey and discover more about this exciting development.

From rain to sunshine in just 3 hours...


After a rather hassle free 3-hour journey from a rainy London, I was greeted by Phillip Robinson, the developer behind Giardini di Borgo 69, our fantastic new development in Tuscany, Italy.  A short while later we were sitting enjoying a glass of the local Chianti in his first project, the award winning Hotel Fontelunga and the thoughts of grey skies and drizzle were far behind me.

Phillip moved to Tuscany in 1998 after falling in love with the region following a memorable holiday with friends.  His dream was to open a boutique hotel which combined traditional Tuscan architecture with the comfort and luxury of modern design and living.  Five years later Hotel Fontelunga opened its doors, and it has been a firm favourite with visitors and critics ever since. 

The hotel is spread across 10 acres of land dotted with olive and cypress trees and includes a pristine swimming pool, tennis court and even an outdoor bread oven – perfect for producing homemade loaves to dip into the local olive oil. This beautifully furnished hotel merges Tuscan and modern influences. The rooms themselves offer so much, such as the comfiest flip flops to roam around the hotel, free drinks from a certain time of the day and attentive staff who did not hassle but simply topped up your glass when it was empty.  The breathtaking landscapes are a mesmerising blend of yellow and green fields spreading for miles with the mountains visible in the distance. It was the success of this hotel which has spurred Philip on to enter into his next project, Giardini di Borgo 69 which will incorporate the same style and ambience.

After a quick catch up, Phillip drove me to Pozzo village and it was while on the way I became aware of the true community feel of the area. I was fascinated to learn about the tractor driver, who Phillip explained, worked on the olive fields and delivered delicious olives to Hotel Fontelunga and Borgo 69. We then sat in a wonderful restaurant owned by another friend and enjoyed the alfresco dining experience, one which seems to be the norm is these warmer climes.


Giardini di Borgo 69


In the morning, I met with two Australian clients wishing to be shown around Giardini di Borgo 69. Phillip guided us around the development where we learnt more about how it came to be and what its surroundings had to offer: year-round temperate weather, traditional shops in the neighbouring village, a welcoming atmosphere created by the locals, alfresco dining and fine wines. When we arrived onsite, I saw a construction worker dismantling a farmhouse brick by brick in order to preserve the materials and use them on the future development. Walking around I saw someone else digging deep into the ground beginning work on what would be an infinity pool; it was astonishing to see the progress made so far in such a short space of time, including the construction of villas and the roads. I had visited the site many times before but it was impressive to see how things were coming together and a privilege to be a part of the journey.

That afternoon, I travelled to Pozza della Chiana, the local village just 5 minutes walking distance from the site, and came across an array of captivating vintage shops. We also went to Banca Valdichiana (an Italian bank) to explore how they operated, to view documentation and find out what mortgage services they could offer clients. After a successful meeting with the two directors, we went to Ristorante ll Goccino to talk about the day’s events and excitedly discuss the project.

Early the next morning, Phillip had to rush off to London and left me alone to lead a tour of the Giardini di Borgo 69 site for guests from Canada. We had a delicious continental breakfast at the hotel and headed out to see the development. We discussed the fantastic lifestyle they could experience whilst living in the apartments and they were thoroughly impressed with the potential of the development and its location. After the tour ended, we headed into Pozzo for lunch in one of the many family run restaurants where they considered the possibility of living next to a traditional village that had so much to offer. That afternoon, admittedly suffering with a full belly and the heat of the day, we met with a Notair, the impartial equivalent to the UK solicitors. The Notair in Italy represents both the buyer and the seller, working unbiasedly for both parties.  The introduction to Dr Francesco Cirianni was marvellous and certainly put my guests at ease with many of the questions they had about buying in Italy. In the evening we met at the restaurant at Hotel Fontelunga where they threw a lovely dinner party. It was a wonderful way to end the trip.

Although brief, this trip provided me with a wealth of knowledge on the area and Borgo 69.  We packed a lot into our time but I have learned so much more about the development that simply would not have been possible over the phone. If you are thinking of buying in Tuscany, I would whole heartedly recommend booking an inspection trip as it is the best way to experience the lifestyle and answer any questions you may have first-hand. I did just that and saw that the construction was making excellent progress, which was fantastic. Giardini di Borgo 69 is an inexpensive luxury boutique development that can be enjoyed by holiday-home lovers and investors alike. We all left feeling that it was definitely a place we would like to return.”


More about Giardini di Borgo 69:

Giardini di Borgo 69 is a brand new residential development of 12 stylish 1, 2/3 bedroom homes, positioned perfectly as an extension to the established village of Pozzo, with extensive views over the Tuscan countryside; including the Val di Chiana and towards the spires and rooftops of the village of Pozzo.

Designed as a blend of strikingly modern architecture fused with “traditional Tuscan”, the project is unique to the region, offering stylish contemporary accommodation for a market that desires more than rustic charm! The project incorporates two existing 300 year old cottages within a stunning new build, which takes its reference from the historic features of the surrounding Tuscan architecture with a uniquely modern twist.

Find out more about Giardini di Borgo 69 here.

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