New Airport will give Lift to Spanish Housing Market

25 February 2011

A new airport currently being constructed near Murcia City in Spain will likely create a huge boost to interest in Spanish property for sale. The new airport will strengthen the local economy and make the area much easier to reach not just for tourists but also for those who are travelling to their Spanish property for sale. Many experts are currently recommending this area as a great place to invest in Spanish property for sale.


When the airport opens in late summer of 2011, it is predicted that it will increase the number of visitors to the area by threefold. Flights to the region will become more competitive, which will make travel to Spain more affordable for the average holiday-goer or overseas property owner.


The new airport will also serve to benefit the local economy by creating twenty thousand new jobs and attracting nearly three million tourists per year.


The new airport will also be an advantage to those who own Spanish property and are making an income from renting it out. The increase in tourists will make it much easier for them to find tenants and become successful.


Accessibility is one of the main factors that many buyers consider before choosing to invest in a holiday home. They want to purchase a property somewhere that will be easy, convenient, and cheap to fly to because they will be going back and forth often. Spain is already a desirable location, thanks to its warm year round climate, delicious local cuisine, lively culture, and cheap prices and cost of living. When the new airport adds the factor that Spain is now easier than ever to reach, it will only up the desirability of the region and increase the number of buyers who are searching for Spanish property for sale.


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