Organizing Your Own Newcomers Club

25 February 2011

Although moving to a La Manga Club property for sale permanently or for a few months can be wonderfully exciting, it can also be difficult to adjust to not knowing anyone, especially if you are used to having a large network of friends back home. You will have an advantage having invested in a La Manga club property for sale, as the La Manga Club resort has plenty of activities and events which will give you opportunities to make new friends. However, another great way to make friends and foster a sense of community is to create a Newcomers Club.


A Newcomers Club is basically a group for people who have recently located to a community, such as the one where your La Manga club property for sale is located, and are looking to meet others. It is easy enough to start your own Newcomers Club, simply decide on a date for the first meeting and start spreading the word. You can have some fliers made to invite people and hand them out as well as post them on message boards around the resort.


When you invite everyone to your villa, make sure that they have lots of snacks to munch on, and that there is room for everyone to sit. Once everyone has arrived, you can introduce yourselves and share stories about how you ended up living or staying at this beautiful resort.


Next, make a plan to do something together at least once per week. It could be a group golf game, a lunch date at a favourite restaurant, or a hike. What you do will depend on the preference of the people of the group. Weekly meetings will keep you connected and will establish a routine that will keep the group together.


Good luck organizing your Newcomers Club, and have fun making new friends and enjoying your holiday home.


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