Panasonic Power Saving Homes could be Built In Japan

18 July 2011

Panasonic has put forward plans to build homes in Japan on the former site of factories using energy efficient devices. If the plans go ahead then these homes will be sold by Panasonic directly to consumers and would include energy efficient refrigerators, solar panels and rechargeable batteries, and this is all part of the companies plan to meet the demand for energy efficient products.


The earthquake and subsequent tsunami cut power supplies to large parts of the country and threw the need for energy saving devices into sharp relief. Since then there has been a noticeable rise in enquiries about equipment and houses that can generate and save energy, especially from municipal and government agencies.


Panasonic is currently building 1,000 homes on a former factory site, and it's been estimated that sales from such homes could eventually reach $1.3 billion by 2013, with the revenue tripling two years afterwards.


Around two years ago Panasonic announced its plans to shut one fifth of its 230 factories due to the global recession, and so it makes perfect sense for the company to build these homes on the sites of former factories. It is planning to offer these low-cost homes through its homebuilding affiliate which is based in the Tohoku region which was badly hit by the earthquake.


The Osaka-based company is also set to build a new plant in India, and it's quite possible that it may build residential blocks containing some of its energy saving products which could include solar panels.

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