Paradise Palms Construction Updates

12 May 2015

The development at Paradise Palms is progressing well. The roofs of the first two cottages have been completed and the walls of the third and fourth are now going up. The show homes are scheduled to be finished this month, and eight more units will be built during July and August.


Build Quality and Durability


The buildings at Paradise Palms are all fabricated off-site using advanced technology by a world leading manufacturer based in the USA. The walls are of solid Western Red Cedar logs, reinforced with steel rods. This wood is known for its durability and is used extensively in the industry. Japanese joinery is utilized, its distinguished techniques frequently found among the world's longest surviving wooden structures.


These homes are certified engineered to Miami Dade hurricane and California seismic (earthquake) standard and are built to last hundreds of years.


The foundations are robust comprising 34 concrete pedestals 15" in diameter, cast into 4' x 4' concrete footings 5' into the ground.  The main flooring beams that support the wall structure are three joined 2 x 10" pressure treated pine (PTP) with the roof rafter being 4" by 8" PTP, making for an incredibly strong and attractive build.


Western Red Cedar


One of the Americas' great renewable resources, Western Red Cedar trees live for hundreds of years and reach heights of nearly 200 feet with a base trunk diameter of up to 8 feet across.  Naturally durable, the wood is free of pitch and its heartwood has a high percentage of natural preservatives famous for making the wood resistant to insects and decay. Being of low density gives it an exceptional insulation value superior to most other species. Possessing outstanding dimensional stability, it is a preferred wood for nearly all purposes where attractive appearance and resistance to weather is important, and has long been known to be the premier wood product for exterior applications.


Environmentally Sustainable


In keeping with the developer's commitment to sustainability and preservation of the natural environment, the houses are constructed with certified wood from renewable sources. They blend beautifully with the natural environment.




The doors, windows and interior furnishings are of the finest quality made to spec in Northern India. Twelve months of design and careful planning by our dedicated interior designer resident in India has resulted in an array of beautiful furniture, fittings, tiles, linens and accessories, all custom designed for Paradise Palms.


The stylish window units comprise three sections:  exterior louvres, a fine mesh screen and glass windows on the inside. The doors are solid and beautifully crafted. The interiors have arrived and will be installed in May.




Paradise Palms is a Government Approved Project for the St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program. The developer is offering a 5-year leaseback option with attractive terms, and no costs to pay whatsoever. Pre-construction prices are still available, starting at $400,000 for the Apartments and $459,500 for the one-bedroom cottages, the latter expected to achieve a market value of $600,000 with the installation of the first amenities next year. Delivery is assured within 6 months.


For more information, please read more about Paradise Palms here, or enquire now.

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