Rapid Tourism Growth Fuels Hotel Construction in Cape Verde

07 April 2012

New data from the Cape Verde statistics institute shows that demand for hotel rooms increased by 34.1% year on year in 2011. On the back of this, the institute also revealed a 9.6% growth in the number of hotels on the island, from 178 hotels in 2010 to 195 in 2011.

This backs up numerous reports that Cape Verde is one of the fastest-growing tourism markets in the world, and it's hardly surprising that the hotel industry is responding quickly.

The 17 new hotels added another 7,900 rooms, and 14,000 beds to those available in 2010. In spite of these impressive figures there's still plenty of room for more growth as it’s predicted tourist arrivals will continue to increase by around 20% annually.

Current projections are predicting that Cape Verde will receive around 500,000 tourists every year by 2015, and this figure will increase to 1 million tourists by 2020.

These projections are being made as Cape Verde is an ideal mid-haul winter sun destination, but as yet many European tourists are unaware of its potential. However it is becoming far more popular as it recently entered the top 10 holiday destinations of holiday rental website HomeAway for the very first time, and was the fifth most popular destination for booking enquiries between October and December last year.

In the years to come it’s likely to prove to be strong competition for the Canaries, and as well as having more hotel beds is benefiting from an increase in the number of charter flights. According to the government in Cape Verde, hotel occupancy rates are currently running at 90%, and the Islands enjoy good year-round temperatures. At just five and a half hours flight away from the UK it makes the perfect winter escape.

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