Spain tops EU Travel Destination Rankings

03 July 2014

EU Statistics agency, Eurostat have recently reported that Spain has beaten the favourites France and Italy to top the  tourism and business travel rankings.


In addition to overseas trips, 92% of trips made by Spaniards were within the country. That's 18% higher than the EU average of 74%. Their trips we slightly shorter - averaging 4.7 nights compared to the EU average of 5.1 nights.


When the Spanish do choose to go abroad however their favourite international destinations were still close by with France, Portugal and Italy topping the polls.


Spain was the most popular travel destination for people from the UK, Portugal, and France while it was the second most popular choice for Belgians, Italians and the Irish.


Spain received around 1.3 million more foreign visitors more from January to April 2014 than in the same period last year, recent figures from Spanish government agency Frontur show.


The number of tourists from Germany was up 11 percent to 2.51 million, while 3.1 million Brits arrived (up 6.5 percent). In addition, 13 percent more Italians flocked to Spanish shores (0.87 million).


In 2013, Spain overtook China to become the world’s third most popular destination for international tourists, by luring 60.6 million visitors.


Those visitors splashed out a new record sum of €59.08 billion ($80.82 billion) as political unrest in Turkey and northern Africa saw tourists turn their attention towards Spain.

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