St Kitts and Nevis Government Voices Commitment to Business

16 May 2011

The Prime Minister of the St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Denzil Douglas recently spoke about the need for government and businesses to positively engage in productive endeavours that bring about sustained business growth and development.


Speaking at a recent two-day Taiwan Trade Expo held in St Kitts, Douglas said that there is good creative potential for businesses to develop and promote products and services within the country, particularly those that have a high index rating for developmental purposes.


The Prime Minister recently visited Taiwan and held discussions with business leaders and government officials on a number of matters including the economic development of both islands. St Kitts has an embassy in Taiwan which was set up three years ago, but there is some discussion that an OECS/CARICOM embassy representing the member countries may be set up, replacing separate embassies.


The tradeshow helped to energise the local private sector and also to establish links between companies in St Kitts and Nevis and Taiwanese companies based in Miami. The senior minister and Minister of international trade, Dr Timothy Harris declared the show a great success. Pointing out the tax breaks and duty-free concessions already on offer, Harris reiterated the government's commitment to facilitating foreign trade.


There is also talk of the government pursuing a reciprocal trade agreement with Brazil. The so called Partial Scope Arrangement would assist businesses involved in electrical and electronic products to trade with Brazil.


Before the crash more and more governments were realising the need to improve relations and trade channels with other countries. Since the crash this realisation has been amplified as governments do everything in their power to spur growth and get their economies back on track. The St Kitts and Nevis economy was not as badly affected as most, but still in uncertain times the need remains to keep the economy strong.


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