St Kitts Investment Appeal Growing

16 May 2011

St Kitts has already been named as a top holiday destination by AOL Travel and British Airways, a good indication that the carefully controlled development is paying off. The island has worked hard to promote tourism during the last few years, and has allowed a number of luxurious and high-end developments to be built, while still preserving the unique cultural, historical and natural feel which makes St Kitts so appealing.


Although tourism is undoubtedly an important source of income, St Kitts has also worked hard to diversify its economy by becoming the banking centre for the Eastern Caribbean and also by trying to revive the agricultural industry -- the industry was hit hard when sugarcane production was closed in 2005. The island benefits from incredibly fertile soil and the government is intent on upping production and reducing the food import bill.


The government of St Kitts and Nevis has an Agricultural Development Strategy which allows investors to take advantage of the regional trade agreements already in place. There is also still a large agricultural workforce who was formerly employed by the sugar trade. St Kitts has an excellent geographical position and modern sea port facilities that allow shipping corridors to Trinidad, Tobago and Guyana in the South and Jamaica in the North.


There is no doubt that some overseas investors are also drawn to the island by the Economic Citizenship Program available to anyone purchasing property over a certain value and in certain development areas in St Kitts. At the very least this gives investors the chance to benefit from valuable tax breaks.


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