St Kitts Property: Affordable Luxury in the Caribbean

03 June 2011

What is St Kitts? To me, St Kitts is a chance to buy luxury property in the Caribbean for an affordable price, but to many other people it is the unknown, with most people knowing a lot less about St Kitts than the Caribbean's main markets such as Barbados. But for this reason St Kitts and Nevis present a wonderful investment opportunity.


What do we know about Caribbean property? Because of the recent crisis we know that even in a downturn demand for Caribbean property remains constant, as the market is mainly supported by wealthy tourists and lifestyle buyers, the group least affected by financial turmoil. Because of this Caribbean property sales remained strong during the downturn, and prices weren't badly hit.


That is, prices weren't badly hit in the traditional sense, but Caribbean property did get cheaper. Buyers were looking for bargains and developers were delivering, in most cases by removing unnecessary luxuries like spas and moorings, now with developers having been tagging those extras back on and pushing prices back up, St Kitts property is another option for those looking to buy luxury Caribbean real estate at affordable prices.


The Oceans Edge development is a prime example. We are talking about the ultimate in Caribbean beachfront luxury at prices starting from just $370,000, which is currently just under £230,000. As I said St Kitts is still a relatively unknown market, but all this looks set to change as prices rise in the rest of the Caribbean highlighting the incredible value for money on offer on St Kitts.

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