Stella’s School Say Thank You!

25 September 2015

The money raised from Select Resorts fundraising efforts has now been sent to Stella's School - and they're very grateful for it!


Earlier on in the year we were told about the severe needs of the school, including clean water as a priority, with children often getting sick through drinking unsafe contaminated water. Learning materials, teaching resources and sponsorship of children unable to go to school were also a top priority, as was the general maintenance and repairs to some of the school buildings.


As a result of the sponsorship from Select Resorts Properties, the charity have been able to install a fantastic purpose built bore hole at Njie Kunda with a new up-to-date solar pump to deliver safe potable water. A program of sponsorship has begun and to support this learning materials have been bought.


Dear Pauline

I have just returned from Gambia and wanted to send these photo's to you straight away.

I bought a huge amount of books, toys, paints, pencils, chalk etc for Njie kunda School with your wonderful donation and the children and teachers wanted me to tell you how grateful they are to you all.

There is money left over to pay for exercise books and pencils and chalk etc for the whole school for the whole year.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Best wishes

Ros xx

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