Swimming Pool or Not? That is the Question

25 February 2011

When searching for the perfect France property for sale, you likely have an image in your head of what you would like to find. You have considered all of the factors such as location, style, number of bedrooms, and all other specifications on France property for sale. However, have you given thought to the choice of whether you should choose a home with a swimming pool or not?


A France property for sale with a swimming pool can have plenty of its advantages, yet it also has downfalls as well. Here is a balanced perspective to help you decide.




  • Fun - Of course, with a swimming pool at your villa you will never be bored, especially if you are holidaying with kids. They will always have somewhere to splash, frolic and play.


  • Exercise - A pool is a great way to burn off a few calories as you take your daily swim.


  • Beat the heat - On those hot summer days there is nothing more refreshing than leaping into the cool waters of a swimming pool.


  • Property value - A villa with a pool is much more desirable, so as house prices rise and in the future you end up selling, you will likely earn more of a return on your investment.




  • Cost - Naturally villas with pools will be priced higher than ones without, and you will also have to pay more for pool heating costs and maintenance over the years, so if you don't think you will use it much it might not be worth the extra money. If you only fancy the odd swim, you can use a public pool or beach instead.


  • Maintenance work - A pool needs to be cleaned, chlorinated and maintained. You will either have to take charge of this upkeep yourself or hire someone to do it.


Whether you choose a France property for sale with a pool or not depends on your preferences and lifestyle.


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