The Grass is Greener in France

18 January 2011

Many British people are saying goodbye to their houses in the UK and permanently relocating to France. They are seeking cheaper living, French culture, a better climate, and a more ideal lifestyle. Many Brits who have shown interest in France property for sale have said that they find the UK to be heavy with crime, expensive, and cold and rainy. They have the dream of the rural French lifestyle, with beautiful landscapes, historic architecture, friendly and quaint villages and delicious food and wine.


There are many reasons why France is a lovely place to live, and here are a few good ones to consider while deciding whether that buying property in France is a good idea.


Pleasant Climate


France is lucky to enjoy an overall moderate climate. Of course, the northern mountainous regions can be chilly, but they are never terribly arctic. The weather of Southern France and the Mediterranean coast is absolutely gorgeous, with long, warm dry summers and mild winters. There is a certain golden sunshine that beams down on these regions that truly recharges weary spirits.


Beautiful Countryside


It is no wonder that many of the most famous artists of the Impressionist movement, including Monet and Cezanne, found their inspiration in the vineyards, forests, and rolling hills of France. The countryside here is simply beautiful, and it is rich with history as well, including ancient Roman ruins and Gothic cathedrals. When you invest in a France property for sale, you will enjoy admiring the masterpiece that is outside your window!


Convenient Travel


It takes almost no time at all to drive or fly to France from the UK, making it one of the most accessible locations for a holiday home. If family members or friends want to visit you in your France property for sale they can easily do so. You will also be at the hub of Europe, with easy travel to Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain and many others right nearby.


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