The Importance of a Bilingual Lawyer

18 January 2011

So you have found the most beautiful Silver Coast property for sale in Portugal, and you want to purchase it but you are intimidated by the fact that you don't speak Portuguese and therefore don't understand any of the legal documents concerning the property? In reality, you are right to be wary of entering into a legal agreement in another language. If you don't completely understand all of the conditions concerning your Silver Coast property for sale, you could be unknowingly admitting to something you don't want, which might come up as a nasty surprise later. Before you sign the final papers on this Silver Coast property for sale, it is essential that you consult the advice of a bilingual lawyer.


The ideal lawyer for your situation will be one who speaks fluent English and Portuguese, so that he can translate the contents of all documents to you. Make sure that they have considerable knowledge of the language, to avoid confusing or mistranslation.


Also, sometimes the real estate company will offer you a bilingual lawyer. It is up to you whether you want to use their services or find your own. On the one hand, the lawyer that they provide for you likely knows the real estate situation inside and out and will be very helpful for you. On the other hand, if they are working for the real estate company, they might be biased towards them. Use your judgement to decide if their services are worth it.


Purchasing a Silver Coast property for sale is a huge investment that is not to be made hastily. It is incredibly helpful to have a lawyer as your guide.  A good bilingual lawyer can help decipher all of the legal documents and advise you on all of your different options.


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