This Island Rocks! The Preparation for the 2011 St. Kitts Music Festival is Well Underway

18 April 2011

Every year since 1996, the Caribbean island of St. Kitts welcomes performers from all around the world for a massive music festival celebration in the sunshine. The 2011 St. Kitts Music Festival will be held from June 23-25th at Warner Park Stadium.


Getting Ready To Party

Preparations are already underway for the event, and the St. Kitts Music Festival official Facebook page is buzzing with talk of potential performers and comments from excited music lovers. The event, which showcases a wide range of music styles, is a great way for visitors and those who own St. Kitts real estate to celebrate the thriving creative culture of this beautiful island.


The festival is the most diversified musical show in the Caribbean, and many big name performers have taken the stage in the past, including Shaggy, Busta Rhymes, Boys II Men, Wyclef Jean and Kool & the Gang. The line-up for this year's festival has yet to be confirmed, but names that have been mentioned on the official website include Jaime Fox, FloRida, and Keshia Cole. Local radio stations have been taking calls from viewers suggesting who they would like to see perform this year.


The event will be held in Basseterre, the capital of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. One of the oldest towns in the Eastern Caribbean, it is the country's main port and the centre of its culture. Despite its size, Basseterre was able to outbid the USA to host matches for the 2007 World Cricket Cup, proving that it is an excellent host city for an event such as this.


Festival Brings Tourism and Property Investors

As well as an appreciation for great music, one of the main aims of the festival is to showcase St. Kitts as a world-class tourist destination. Many tourists come to enjoy the musicians and end up falling in love with the sand beaches, beautiful scenery and endless sunshine of the island. Sales of St. Kitts real estate have also been on the rise, as many people are choosing it as a place to own a second home or retire in the sun. The fun-loving, festival atmosphere and the friendly, laid back attitude of the people here attract many people to owning St. Kitts real estate.


Celebrations throughout the Year

The St. Kitts Music Festival is not the only party that happens in St. Kitts. There are lively celebrations held throughout the year, making it always exciting to live in St. Kitts real estate. The St. Kitts Carnival is celebrated in December and January and includes parades in the streets and massive dance parties. The International Triathlon event, held every May, attracts competitors from all over the world, even as far as Australia. In late July, Culturama is celebrated on nearby Nevis with shows, street jamming, and horse racing. There is always a reason to party on this beautiful island, which means it is never boring to be living in St. Kitts real estate.


Join the Celebration

During the St. Kitts Music Festival, the island will be busier than usual so those who are planning on travelling to St. Kitts to attend should book flights and accommodation in advance. If you live in St. Kitts real estate on the island, you will not have to worry about flights but you might want to purchase your tickets early so that you get to see the bands of your choice.


To keep updated on the festival and be the first to know which bands will be featured, check out the website at


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