Time to Thai Property

16 April 2015

Thailand may seem like a completely foreign land, difficult to get to or difficult to understand, but this vastly popular country offers a culturally diverse and exciting option for those seeking a sunny second home or investment destination.

Thailand is a popular destination for many investors from around the world. It’s ease of access, beautiful tropical climate, awesome culture and fantastic exchange rates make it an exceedingly attractive proposition.

Thailand is a vast country, with secluded and peaceful farmland and tropical forests to the North, and the more popular and tourist-centred idyllic islands in the South. Within Thailand, there are four primary resort destinations; Phuket, Koh Samui, Hua Hun and Pattaya.

Koh Samui

Geographically located off the east coast of Thailand, Koh Samui is situated in the sheltered, crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Siam ringed with secluded coves and white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, this is a destination many of us only dream about. Measuring just 25km at its widest point, the central part of the island boasts a lush, green tropical jungle mountain with rolling hillsides, coconut groves, picturesque waterfalls and magnificent ocean views.

Easily accessible, Koh Samui can be accessed directly from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and with more than 15 flights from Bangkok each day. As such, Samui attracts discerning holidaymakers and investors from across the globe.

This global tourist boom is expanding both villa rental and investment demand in the country. Luxury villas have become a direct competitor to the island’s luxury hotels for room revenue and are attracting higher rental yields as they are rented out on a daily or weekly basis. Realistic projections for new villas in prime locations, based on a conservative 60% occupancy, are between 12 and 17%.

Due to year-round warm weather, and an extremely short rainy season, Koh Samui has practically a year-round rental market. Successfully established as a top tourist destination to worldwide guests, Koh Samui ensures high occupancy rates for villa owners. Even during low season there are up to 2,000 visitors coming through Samui airport each day.

Koh Samui has recently acquired ‘city status’ meaning the local government has a significantly increased budget, which is spent wisely on improving roads and infrastructure. Furthermore, the construction of the Central Festival Shopping Centre, will raise the retail benchmark of the island to be comparable with that of Phuket, having a further positive impact on residential property prices on the island.

The combination of limited supply, together with increasing tourist numbers will ensure capital growth for investments in property on Samui. Those purchasing villas at the ‘pre-construction’ phase means it is possible for investors to lock in an automatic capital gain upon purchase in the region of 15-20% in 12 months.

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