Top 10 reasons to move to Spain.

16 February 2016
Carl Garner-Watts

The British love affair with the Spanish isles is well documented, with Brits making up 23% of foreign property purchases in Spain in 2015, according to Rightmove’s ‘Who’s Buying Where?’ guide. There are a number of reasons why packing up and moving to Spain is so appealing.  We’ve rounded up the top 10 reasons why now might just be the perfect time to drop everything and move to Spain.


1)   The climate.


Let’s be honest, we all get sick of the British weather from time to time. Stunning sunshine and a Mediterranean climate is much more appealing than the seemingly endless days of wind and rain within the UK. Although areas in the North can get cold in the winter, overall the Spanish climate presents a much greater opportunity to bask in the sun and get that Mediterranean tan.


2)   Beautiful surroundings.


Spain is famous for its scenery; from the stunning nature reserves, serene lakes and towering mountains to the world-famous coves and golden beaches of the Mediterranean coast. The seemingly endless sunshine also makes it easier to enjoy the country’s beauty.


3)   Excellent standard of living.


With low crime rates, and a healthcare system widely regarded as equal or superior to most of Europe, Spain offers expats an excellent standard of living. The warm climate presents greater opportunity to spend time outdoors running, walking, cycling, and enjoying the beautiful scenery; which ultimately contributes to a healthier lifestyle.


The World Health Organisation has described Spain as “a near perfect environment as it is possible to obtain”.


4)   Low cost of living.


Living costs in Spain are substantially lower than the UK and most of Europe. Eating out at a restaurant presents fantastic value for money and alcohol is also extremely cheap; less surprising given the vast amounts of wine that Spain produces.


Public transport is also significantly cheaper than in the UK, making it a cost-effective way of travelling around the country.


5)   Friendly locals.


Spaniards are some of the friendliest people in the world! Welcoming, loving and fiercely passionate, they are more than happy to share their relaxed, laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle with foreign visitors and expats.


Children are revered in Spanish society, and are welcome in almost every bar and restaurant, while elders are well-respected, as the beloved head of the family.


The locals in most major cities will speak English, but will appreciate your attempts at speaking Spanish.


6)    Rich culture.


With museums, art galleries, temples, mosques, cathedrals, castles, vineyards and olive groves throughout the country, Spain is one of the most culturally-rich places in the world. Madrid is home to the Egyptian Temple of Debod, while Roman ruins and Moorish palaces are also dotted around the country. The cultural diversity is attributed to the multitude of races and cultures that have called Spain home throughout its storied history.


As the birthplace of flamenco dancing and a seemingly endless list of festivals, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the unique Spanish culture wherever you are in the country.


7)   ‘The land of the fiesta’.


The Spanish love a festival. Fiesta’s are held throughout the country on an almost daily basis, and are a central part of Spanish life and culture.


The most famous fiestas include La Tomatina, on the last Wednesday of August, during which thousands of unripe tomatoes are thrown into the streets in what could be described as the world’s messiest food fight, as well as the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which sees parades of floats and bands moving through the streets of Tenerife.


Las Fallas (pictured above) is one of the country’s most popular fiestas, attracting visitors from all over the world. During this unique five day festival, giant satirical papier-mâché figures are paraded through the streets of Valencia, before the city is engulfed in fireworks and bonfires in what has been described as the greatest firework fiesta in the world.


8)   World-famous food & drink.


Spanish cuisine is ranked amongst the healthiest and most delicious in the world.  Different regions each have their own spin on the traditional Spanish dishes, with a seemingly endless variety of paella, croquetas and empanadas, to name just a few. The small-plate style of Spanish dining is becoming increasingly popular globally, with tapas bars popping up in major cities around the world.


As well as the delightful food, Spain is also home to a variety of delicious drinks, including the popular cocktail Sangria; the Spanish Champaign, Cava and some of the best wines in the whole world.


9)   Recovering property market.


After the crash of 2008, the Spanish property market was somewhat of a no-go area. Recent years have seen significant recovery and prices are rising once again, but the surplus of properties left over from the crash means prices are still substantially lower than much of Europe, so there are plenty of bargains to be had!


10)      The Mediterranean lifestyle


The Mediterranean lifestyle is revered worldwide as laid-back and extremely enjoyable. Spending quality time with friends and family is made an absolute priority, with regular family meals that continue late into the evening. 


Spanish people know how to enjoy their free time, with most evenings spent playing team sports, spending time with friends and family, dancing, eating and drinking. With a daily schedule that typically runs much later than in the UK, Spanish people seem to have a natural ability to function with minimal sleep, although the daytime siestas undoubtedly help.


The Mediterranean lifestyle is truly unique and the envy of most of the world. This laid-back lifestyle might just be the best reason to pack up and move to Spain. 


With all of these qualities making Spain one of the greatest places in the world to live, now might truly be the perfect time to begin your Spanish adventure. Select Resorts Properties has a vast variety of Spanish properties available. Contact our team today on +44 (0)1202 765011 or email [email protected] for more information.


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