21 December 2010

Have you been looking for a holiday home in Turkey, perhaps a property for sale in Fethiye? Potential investors will be interested to know that Turkey is estimated to continue its current trend of economic growth. The Mediterranean country has experienced an 8.2% growth rate in 2010, and is positioned to become the 1th strongest economy in the world. According to a recent report by the International Monetary Fund, Turkey will surpass China, United States, Japan and Brazil when it comes to national income growth.


What does this mean for you and the property for sale in Fethiye you are considering? Turkey's economic boom is opening the door for a great opportunity to invest in holiday property here. Indeed, now is the time to strike because the price of the average property for sale in Fethiye is still low, while rental returns are very good. The tourism sector in Turkey is not going anywhere but up, so those who are investing in holiday homes with the intention of renting them out for part or all of the year are in a position to do very well.


Coupled with the beautiful year-round sunshine, friendly locals who mostly speak English, and many attractions, Turkey's momentum is unstoppable. Fethiye is especially popular, as it is nestled in the coastline and very accessible by Dalaman International Airport. The area has recently been given a makeover with a new promenade and cycle track to make it more pedestrian friendly and accessible, as well as a new marina for the many yachters that visit the area. Even during the low season, Fethiye is full of happy visitors.


Buying a holiday home is always a gamble, but when you look at the odds of a country such as Turkey that is experiencing such impressive growth and popularity, you can be sure that it is your best bet!


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