Turkish Mugla Now a Hot Region Says Rightmove

11 July 2011

Mugla has just been recognised as the most popular region in Turkey among those searching for overseas property on Rightmove in May. According to the data in the Rightmove Overseas Search Report for the month, Turkey is the 11th most popular country, but Mugla came in 5th on the Top Trending Regions chart, which is regions that get over 100 searches per day. Searches for property in Mugla were up 27.20% compared to April.

The Turkish economy is now the fastest growing economy in the world, it has a low budget deficit, is standing on its own two feet (free of IMF assistance) in a bailed-out Europe, and enjoying high liquidity. The latter is fuelling growth of 20 - 25 percent per year in the mortgage market according to figures from the Central Bank.

This force of positivity is driving sales of Turkey property to buyers from around the world, and this is now being reflected in the search data from Rightmove. Now we might well be a little bit biased, but surely the fact that Mugla is home to Fethiye cannot be a complete coincidence.

Fethiye and Dalaman are two of Turkey's top tourist towns, with a comprehensive offering of activities and things to see, not to mention a wide array of shops, bars and restaurants and of course great beaches and climate. Dalaman property also benefits from the city having one of the best serviced international airports in Turkey. According to the Association for British Travel Agents, Dalaman was the number 1 destination for British holiday makers in 2008 (Spain still dominated the top 10).

Of course, Fethiye has an ace up its sleeve, in its proximity to Olu Deniz just 20 minutes away. It is also just 20 minutes away from Olu Deniz.

Olu Deniz is a place so beautiful that its beauty is government protected, it has been named the world's most beautiful coastal bay/beach resort in many travel journals and magazines. Because it is protected, property in Olu Deniz will rarely come up for sale or rent, and so most people wishing to experience the beauty of Olu Deniz will stay in and/or buy Fethiye property.

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