What Makes a Perfect Holiday Home Location?

21 December 2010

It is the ultimate dream. Investing in a holiday home property in a beautiful and exotic location and owning your own perfect escape from the dreary cold, stress and obligations of home. A place where you can set up your hammock on the front porch and relax for hours with a good book, go swimming in the warm ocean whenever you please, and enjoy a completely different lifestyle, where time goes slowly and your days are measured the rhythm of the tides, and little drinks with umbrellas in them.

There are many beautiful places around the globe, and it is hard to choose which paradise is best for you. What makes a location a good choice for a holiday home? Let's examine the best aspects of a holiday home, using a property for sale in Cape Verde as an example.

Climate - You want to choose a place where the climate is warm all year round. This is an advantage for many reasons. First of all, it means that you will have a sunny escape to retreat to no matter what time of the year you choose to holiday. Also, if you are considering renting out your holiday home you will have a better choice of when to do so. For example, if you bought a property for sale in Cape Verde, the tropical climate on this West African island would allow you to rent it out during the high season for maximum returns, yet it would still be warm enough for you to holiday there during the off season.

  • Political Stability - You want to choose a country with a stable government, for obvious reasons. A property for sale in Cape Verde, which has political stability, would be a much safer bet than somewhere else with political unrest.
  • Accessibility - Choose somewhere that is easy and inexpensive to get to, so when you want to go visit your holiday home you can simply pack your bags and go!

For more help finding the perfect holiday home, and information about property for sale in Cape Verde, ask Select Resorts today!

Written by Michael Reilly

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