Why Go For A Preview Visit Before Buying a Holiday Home?

18 January 2011

One of the most important steps in the process of purchasing a holiday home is to actually take the time to visit the property before you sign the final documents making the purchase official.


Imagine you have purchased a property for sale in Fethiye over the internet. From the photos in the online profile it looks lovely and you are very excited to get there. When you finally arrive at your property for sale in Fethiye, however, you start to notice things are not as good as they appear. Perhaps there is a leaky tap, a window that needs replacing, or a broken gutter. These are not huge problems, but if you had spotted them before you signed the papers you could have negotiated with the seller of the property to pay for the repairs. And if you are really unlucky, and there is a major problem with the house, then it is too late for you to do anything about it. Most of the time everything will be fine but it is much better to check just to be sure. 


Besides checking the home over to make sure there are no big repair jobs, going on a preview visit to your property for sale in Fethiye also has other purposes. It gives you a chance to check out the surroundings of your property, and locate the nearest amenities such as shopping, doctor, post office, and pharmacy. This means that when you first arrive to start enjoying your holiday home, you already know your way around and don't have to waste your precious holiday getting lost!


You can also use this visit to stock up your home so that it is ready for the first time you use it. Go out and get the essential supplies such as toilet roll, paper towel, a few basic imperishable food items, and whatever else you feel you might need.  This is for when you arrive at the property for sale in Fethiye jet-lagged after a late flight and all of the shops are closed!


A preliminary visit to your holiday home can give you a world of reassurance, and help prepare the property for your first visit.


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