Why Is Cape Verde Becoming a Popular Holiday Property Destination?

21 December 2010

Mention Cape Verde and most people will look at you confused. They might not have heard of this West African Island, and probably couldn't find it on a map. However, this will change in the next few years as Cape Verde is quickly evolving into a seriously popular destination for travel and holiday home purchases.

Cape Verde has the best of both worlds, its proximity to Europe makes it convenient, yet its tropical climate blesses it with much better weather than other European destinations. Many UK investors are showing an interest in Cape Verde property. This upward trend can be attributed to the many factors that make Cape Verde property so appealing.

First of all, there is no doubt that Cape Verde is a beautiful place to live. The white sand beaches, warm and tranquil waters, and abundance of sea life make it the kind of place where you might occasionally pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming. You will enjoy the pleasure of trekking in the mountains and lush valleys and relaxing on the coast.

Also, investment in Cape Verde Property has been increasing due to the low property prices in the last few years. Cape Verde has yet to be discovered by the vast majority of people, so the islands have not yet been overrun by tourism. The beaches aren't crowded and the atmosphere is laid back and relaxed rather than hectic and busy. The government is currently investing a great deal of money into tourism, which means the facilities and infrastructure of the island will continue to improve in the future, however they are careful to preserve the original character of the island. Cape Verde is predicted to become very popular in the future, which will mean excellent return on your investment.

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