Women Make Decisions on Holidays, Survey Shows

11 January 2011

A new study by hotels.com has shown that in 73 percent of couples, it is the woman who decides when and where they travel on holiday. Women are often the main decision makers when it comes to booking holidays, choosing a destination, and setting a budget. Perhaps this comes from the traditional role of women as organizers, or the fact that most men overload themselves with work and might not even take a holiday unless their partner suggested it? It is also clear that a lot of travel advertisements are aimed towards women, especially luxury spas and hotels.


However, does this apply to holiday home investment as well? For example, if a couple was looking at investing in a La Manga Club property for sale in Spain, would it be the male or the female calling the shots?


When it comes to buying property, men and women tend to value different things in a home. For example, when looking at that La Manga Club property for sale, the man often considers practical things like the construction of the building itself, the utilities, the price and the potential return on investment. Women are more likely to see the same La Manga Club property for sale and focus on the overall feeling and atmosphere of the home, the proximity to certain amenities, and the neighbourhood that it is situated in. Of course, this may not apply to every couple, and it is important to note that all of these factors are important when choosing a home.


In reality, the best situation when choosing a holiday or decided on that La Manga Club property for sale would be to combine the decision making skills of both the man and the woman in the partnership. This is important, as choosing a holiday home is a much bigger investment than planning a weekend away. If you are able to listen to each other’s needs and concerns, you can be sure that you will make a choice that will make you both happy.



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